An Unexpected Job Search

Jeanmarie Jackman
2 min readNov 8, 2022


First let me begin by expressing my gratitude for every experience life has thrown my way. Despite the hardship by which I arrived at my last position, I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world.

Yes, the pandemic shut down my business, yes I lost my house and home and everything in it, yes I lived under extreme conditions for 362 days. I had made a decision to turn that proverbial lemon into lemonade, I pushed myself through a software engineering bootcamp, all the while utilizing the pandemic hotel points to creatively avoid using my savings whilst retraining and then job seeking. Was it terrifying? Yes, of course! But…was it exhilerating, energizing, and uplifting? YES.

I renewed in myself the belief that I can overcome nearly any hurdle or obstacle that life puts in my path. I recharged my spirit, and reinvented myself. I evolved.

Well, here we are again, at an unexpected crossroads. I had encountered a wonderful person in my mentor, David Wu. I learned a great many things from him about, not only about game development and design, but also about compassion, empathy, and downright childish exhuberance. His unexpected and untimely passing has been a terrible loss — of a friend, a mentor, and a brilliant game developer.

It is my task, now, to honor all that he has instilled in me, all the confidence, trust, and creative spirit. I have to reach down to the bottom of my toes, and find the wherewithal to boldly go seeking another position.

The self doubt is real. I didn’t anticipate this coming anytime soon. I was still learning. I had the position for which I felt so perfectly designed, but into which I was still growing.

David believed in me. He said “you are new to the game industry, but you are talented — you are a prodigy.”

I have to believe that this highly intelligent, uniquely qualified man’s opinion is meaningful and accurate.

So, I fortify myself with his words, and push forth — again — into the abyss of job listings, applications, and, well, yes…piles of rejection emails, but with a belief that if he saw this potential in me, that it is indeed…within me.

My plan on this blog is to chronicle my experience with this next adventure in job seeking. Is it terrifying all over again? Yes, of course. But, we have been here before, and we have slayed the beast, so… stay tuned…



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