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Podcasts for Beginning Programmers

Jeanmarie Jackman
3 min readFeb 2, 2021


As a recent bootcamp grad, I am thirsty for more information, as clearly in a few short months I have barely scratched the surface. Also, as a digital nomad, I am frequently on the road for days at a time, and seek to listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

Happily, I have discovered some quality podcasts and audiobooks that have been wonderful opportunities to quench my thirst for more programming knowledge while safely driving!

Codenewbie Podcast is a great one to start with. It features programmers and developers telling their story of how they began, and about their journey as coders. They are great for giving useful tips for people trying to learn and get into programming.

Software Engineering Radio is great for getting in depth on a topic usually with an expert in particular topic — such as programming languages, frameworks, and other educational resources.

Start Here FM is a good resource for new programmers, with information on all the things we need to do post bootcamp: networking, improving our skills, etc.

Shop Talk Show is really great if you are a front end designer or developer. Another one that features interviews and also, you can submit questions and possibly have it answered on the air.

Front End Happy Hour is a fun one, where a bunch of FAANG devs chat about web development while enjoying cocktails.

Hello World Podcast is one where you can hear programmers talk about how they got started and the challenges along the way as new developers.

There are more on my “to-listen” list that I haven’t gotten to yet, but I will come back and update this list!



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